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【大会中止決定】世界クラシックパワーリフティング選手権大会 2020




World Championships 2020

Dear lifters, dear officials, dear friends

It is with great sadness that I must inform you that the Classic Worlds in Minsk, Belarus needs to be canceled. A lot of countries have started to make restrictions on travels. The numbers of positive tested people in the world increased again drastically and so we have no other choice as. Health is still our main priority for all of us.

Concerning the Bench press Worlds in Ekaterinburg, Russia we have decided the same to cancel it too. I am sorry for all those who still had hope that the Worlds could be held but we have no other choice. I wish you all the best. Stay safe, take care and please follow the decisions concerning the restrictions so that we can all helping to bring this pandemic to an end.

Best regards and good luck to all of you and we hope that for Norway and South Africa the situation will allow us to go ahead. We will keep you informed if something would change on those Worlds.

Take care,stay safe and follow the decisions by the governements concerning the restrictions.

Best regards

Gaston Parage

IPF President

















Dear lifters, officials and friends over the World

The IPF Executive committee has decided to postpone the World Classic Powerlifting Championships in agreement with the organizer from Belarus. I want to thank the organizer that they agreed with this and with our new date we proposed them.The new date will be from 24.09 to 04.10.2020

The preliminary nominations will be hide so that nobody need to add again all the lifters and a new preliminary dateline and new final dateline will be of course starting in due time. We will prepare now all the invitation’s for all our postpone Worlds and making sure that it will be soon published on our webpage and on our calendar.

The reason’s are that we still not knowing when the quarantine in a lot of the countries around the World’s will be over and we do not know when the airlines start flying again around the Worlds. An other reason is also that our lifters cannot adequate prepare for the Worlds because all the gym’s are closed and so it has become necessary to take this decision.

Healthy is the most important and let’s hope that all this will finish soon. You can help to make sure it finish when you following the restriction’s from the Government’s. Stay at home and stay safe

Best regards

Gaston Parage

IPF President







6月11ー20日開催 2020世界クラシックパワーリフティング選手権大会(ベラルーシ共和国)選手選考について



















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